The Jew Who Missed The Bus

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Here are just some reviews so far…


By Billy Scott:

I am very honored and privileged to have read the Book “The Jew Who Missed The Bus” by Author and Evangelist Thomas M Duncan Jr. It is thought provoking, intriguing, a cataclysm of inspiring faith; the reader can only arrive at a single conclusion. By leading us though the Tanakh and Holy Scriptures showing and revealing Jesus the Christ as the Messiah Yahushua. It is my hope that every one of all faiths, Jew and Gentile alike, Saved and Unsaved to find the hidden golden gems faith within the nuggets of truth of the Jew who missed the bus. Bravo brother Thomas.

NOTE: ~ Billy Scott is the Author of : Angelic Rage & (Soon to be released) Triangle of Angels. 


By Jeanette Bernozzi Powell: 

I read this book and I want to say it is straight to the point explaining how Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah. It’s presented to the Jew in such a way that the author is emphasizing on how much we need our savior and why he is the one and only true Messiah that both Jew and Gentiles have been waiting for. First the Jew then we Gentiles. This book is so awesome! It explains in details of so many questions about the Messiah. And how it explains to them why Yeshua really is the Messiah. Because he is!!!! Thanks Evangelist Thomas M. Duncan Jr. Most of all thank-you Lord for inspiring our brother to write it... Shalom 

By Ricky Roberts Jr.: 

I would strongly exhort & encourage EVERYONE who has a heart for the saving Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) to specifically reach the hearts of the precious Jewish people, as Evangelist Thomas M Duncan Jr. gives incredible & irrefutable evidence through the use of the Hebrew/Jewish Scriptures, that Yeshua is without question their long awaited Messiah. This book absolutely needs to be placed in the hands of EVERY professing Orthodox Jewish person who is devout in their practice of Judaism & the observance of the Tora (Law Of Moses).


By Gary Maris:

FYI- I’ve been a Christian my whole life.  I bought this book with the sole intent of just giving it to a Jewish friend; but at the last min I just wanted to read it first (I’m so glad I did). I’m truly loving how you totally connected the Old Testament to the New Testament and in a way that is so easy to understand and is not pushy, offensive or making it look like we’re (Christian) right and they’re (believers of Judaism) wrong and making them feel bad. This is a GREAT book, so glad I got it (read it) and can’t wait to see what my Jewish friend thinks about it (I Hope and pray she see Jesus as the Messiah).        


By Al Lewis:

I'm absolutely astonished on how you connected biblical facts (prophecy) from the Old Testament to the (fulfillment) in the New Testament and how you related it all into modern day thinking. What amazes me the most is how effectively and smoothly it comes across through your writing. I truly believe anyone who reads this that is of the Jewish belief will have a hard time struggling to disregard the facts that you've proven Jesus to be Yeshua. One of the best witnessing’s of the Gospel that I have ever read/heard someone tell/describe.


By Randall Adams:

Evangelist Duncan, I just finished reading your book I can't believe how simple and easy you made it look that Jesus is the Messiah. But then again I am a Christian and have been for many years, I bought this book with one Jewish friend in mind and can't wait to give it to him. I am praying and believing it will open his spiritual eyes to see the truth of who Jesus truly is. GOD bless you and thanks for the great read.


By Rebecca Crea:

(FYI- The following review is by my Cousin Becky. I knew I loved her for a reason… LOL Only joking Becky; thanks for the kind words Cuz):  I am so genuinely impressed, Tom! Your writing is refreshingly sincere and transparent. Anyone judging this book by its cover (title) couldn't be more wrong. As a reader, you quickly realize that this book exists because you have a beautiful passion for God's chosen people. It’s easy to read because it's an ongoing conversation between you and your reader. Your style of writing is very much like you speak, which puts your reader at ease with the subject matter and makes it understandable and relatable. Although this book could be a quick read, like I said, it’s a conversation. You pose such thought-provoking questions and share insights into Christianity and Judaism that will compel any open-minded reader to pause for reflection or to do some fact-checking of their own. This book is like finding a treasure map, it's the beginning of an adventure for everyone who reads it. I'm loving every word of it!


By Ann Russo:

I've been a born again Christian for 23 years now. I have 2 good friends who are Jewish and have tried witnessing the gospel to them many times in the past but it's always turned into you believe what you believe and we believe that we believe so let's not end up in an argument over it and it just breaks my heart that I could never break through to them that Jesus is the Messiah...

We'll after reading "The Jew Who Missed The Bus" I immediately ordered another copy. What a great book and it's written in a way that not only shows (proves) Jesus is the messiah but does it in a Non-offensive way toward the Jewish religion. I gave them to both my friends and believe it or not they are both asking questions and one even mentioned she would like to check out my church... Praise GOD!!!


By Karl Wade:

This book was off the hook GOOD! What a great job the Evangelist did in proving/witnessing the gospel. You can tell he’s writes from the heart…


By Mike Riley:

Great read, LOVED IT! And I know exactly who I’m giving my copy too… I’m also giving this website to my Pastor so he can share it with everyone in our church. What a great idea (revelation) Evangelist Duncan got from our Lord too; Buy it, Read it and PASS IT ON…


By Joe Fields:

I loved how this book was written, it’s really cool how Evangelist Duncan proves Jesus is the Messiah. I’ve been a Christian all my life & the points that are made in this book, it’s crazy how simple he makes it look, I can’t see anyone being able to prove it wrong. I know if I was Jewish I’d be thinking WOW! Maybe this Author is right & what if he is. Well I guess that’s the whole point of the book & I’d bet money on 90% the Jewish people who read it think that. NICE JOB Evangelist I will definitely pass it on to a Jewish friend.


By Andy Bowman:

Great book I don't see how anyone in Judaism can argue any of the points made about Jesus being the Messiah in this book. The way the author wrote the book, he does it in a way that's very smart. It's not like he's trying to shove his believe down someone's throat. I can't see how anyone in Judaism who is willing to read this book with an open mind cannot start to question their own beliefs. I will definitely be passing it on to a Jewish friend. Andy


By Dave Manzo:

What a great read, the author really hit the nail on the head with this one. The Jewish people or still waiting for the Messiah to come and for all the prophecies in the old testament of his coming to be fulfilled. The same prophecies that Jesus already did fulfill. Kudos to you Evangelist Duncan for explaining it in a way that’s all too simple with facts from the old & new testaments that cannot be proven wrong...As a born again Christian for 45 years; YES I will accept your challenge and PASS THE BOOK ON… God Bless Dave


By Julie Hasway:

I was fortunate enough to be able to read the book before the release. Evangelist Thomas M Duncan Jr did an unbelievable job in getting the point across that Jesus is the son of God (Yeshua). What I liked most about it was he did it in such a simple way to understand. I'm going to buy 10 copies so I can give them out to my close friends at my church and have them read it and also PASS IT ON. Julie Hasway


By Greg Parks:

I also got a copy before the release. “The Jew Who Missed The Bus” is a powerful, simple, accurate book in witnessing and proving Jesus is the Messiah. I gave it to my neighbor who I've known for 15 years, we are pretty good friends and he is Jewish and I’ve never really witnessed to him before, because I was unsure of how he would react. This book gave me the perfect opportunity to do that. Greg Parks


By Mary Disparti:

HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! I also was able to read it before the release… If you're a Christian this is a must read book. This book made it all so simple to understand, I can't see how anyone after reading it will not be convinced that Jesus is the Messiah. I loved it and will definitely take the CHALLENGE & pass it on to my Jewish friend who I so love and care for. I pray that she will see the light after she reads it. Mary