The Jew Who Missed The Bus

About the Author

I (Thomas Duncan) was born in New Jersey, back in 1962, into a Roman Catholic family. Let’s just say religion didn’t really play that big of a part in my life growing up. I mean, we, as a family, went to church on holidays & growing up I always knew who Jesus was & what He did, but never really truly had a relationship with Him.

It wasn’t until a year after I was married in 1987, that my wife & I moved to Florida and found a non-denominational Christian-based church. That’s when I started to read the bible & went to Bible School. But soon after in 1991, our first son Thomas was born & my wife & I moved back to New Jersey to be closer to family. With the move & all the adjustments we needed to make & now also having a new born baby (not that this is an excuse) I found that I backslidden.

I knew that there was still a calling on me to become an evangelist & not just some, pardon the expression, run-of-the-mill evangelist. I knew the calling was very specific to reach out & touch the Jewish people with the Gospel of Jesus & to have them view it in a new & refreshing an unbiased way. Well moving back to New Jersey kind of put a big damper on that & to make a long story short it never really ever came to fruition.

Then came the day that changed my life, or as I like to say, "put it back on track." On April 27, 2014, I was given a second chance in life. Two huge blood clots traveled up from my leg to my lungs, causing a massive saddled pulmonary embolism. I was rushed to the E.R. by ambulance, losing consciousness three times from my house to the E.R. When the Pulmonary Specialist finally diagnosed me with the embolism, he said it was a "True Miracle" that I lived through it. He said I should’ve died right in my house. Then he went on to say, “You don’t realize how lucky you were Mr. Duncan. Someone up there must really like you.” During the next five days I spent in I.C.U.  & four more in I.C.M.U., all I could think of were these three things:

First, how much I missed being so close with Jesus.

Second, my family & how bad I wanted to spend time with them, and all the things I wanted to still do with them.

Third, how I really needed to start taking better care of myself.

Well, I must have prayed almost nonstop day & night during those nine days in the hospital. I’ll tell you, there is nothing like almost dying that will bring you crying & praying back to GOD, "NON-STOP."

But it wasn’t until I got home from the hospital & started praying all my thanks to GOD that I started to feel the Lord putting the need back into my heart again to reach out to the Jewish people. So I prayed, “Lord God, how would I do that?” And the Lord woke me up one morning at 3:00am & told me to write a book, “A book,” I said, “You want me to write a book?” And just so you know, I almost laughed as I prayed that. So I kept on asking in prayer, “Lord, surely Lord, that’s not what You really want me to do, A BOOK?” And I started to pray again, asking the Lord what he really wanted me to do (Like He was going to change His mind.) Well the Holy Spirit fell on me so heavy & as clear as day the Lord said “Write a BOOK & title it The Jew Who Missed The BUS” it was so powerful & so clear that I couldn’t even laugh at the title or question it, all I could do is say, “OKAY, Father."  

Well the next morning I was sitting in front of my computer praying & turning my heart over to the Lord. I said, “Okay Father, if you’re with me, Lord, who can be against me? I’ll do it because it will edify me and give You all the praise and glory”. So I started writing my BOOK, or as I like to say, GOD’s book, and I called it The Jew Who Missed The Bus.

It was incredible how the anointing from the Lord to write this book was working in me. One of the first things the Holy Spirit instructed me to do was to set the book up to only have 7 chapters, the Spirit of the Lord told me " if I can create the heavens & the earth in just 6 days & rest on the 7 day you can surely write a book with only 7 chapters proving Yeshua (Jesus) is/was the Messiah."  The next thing I was told by the Holy Spirit was to pose two challenges at the beginning of the book to the readers, one to every Christian believer & one to every believer in Judaism.  Well from the time the Lord told me to write the book until the day it was published & released for sale it was 7 months (& in that time, I can't tell you all the amazing things that worked through me by the Spirit that went into this book.)   NOTE: The two challenges are: for every Christian who buys the book to pass it on to a believer in Judaism (after they read it) & the 2nd is for every believer in Judaism who reads the book to do so with an open mind.  

Once the book was finish I turned again to the Lord in prayer & asked "what next Lord?" The Lord told me to start-up two social media pages on Facebook one for the book & one for me & also to build a website for the book.  So that morning I sit down to started my ministry on the internet. Well we all know God’s timing is always perfect, that morning I received a phone call from an old friend from Florida who was a Pastor, which in itself is not unusual. We often talked from time to time. But what he said to me that morning almost knocked me off my chair.

Ya see he didn’t know what had happened to me yet and certainly nothing about the book. So at first I was very anxious to tell him all about it, but before I could get out a word he said I have something crazy to tell you. I had a dream about you last night and it felt so real that it woke me up right out of my sleep and I knew I just had to call you and tell you about it.

He said there was a skeleton standing up that had your face on it and you were enclosed in a glass box. It looked like you couldn't breathe, then all of a sudden out of nowhere this angel appeared behind you. He stuck his hands through the glass and grabbed both of your lungs squeezed them and they both exploded. I just sat there in amazement of GOD and then went on to explain to him what had happened. 

So after that, back to the internet I go and I set everything up. Just like I was told to and things were/are going good, then one day about a month later, I’m in the shower & the Lord speaks to me… 

The Lord also tells me "you're asking every Christian reader who reads the book to pass it on; I want you to pass it on also. You will send 7 books to 7 different Rabbi on the 7th of each month in & starting with the State of Jersey & each month after a different State.

Well after a year of working my ministry online the Lord told me it's time to give your ministry a name & just like before the Lord came to me at night saying "call your ministry "Finding Yeshua Ministry" & also it's time to branch out from online, start moving into radio, newspapers & churches, bring the book I had you write forward to my people... 

And that's where I'm at today. (FYI- You can find my Ministry web-site @ )        

God bless,
Evangelist Thomas M Duncan Jr.  

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